How Salesforce transformed CRM

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Twenty years ago Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff announced ‘The End of Software’. After twenty years of enjoying Salesforce we wonder: what are the biggest achievements of Salesforce? Benioff didn’t pick the greatest time to start his company: the Dot-com bubble … Continued

Why your employee should become a human firewall

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Have you left an USB with e-mail addresses laying around? Ever sent an e-mail containing sensitive information to the wrong person? Just imagine someone accidentally publishing the address-list of your newsletter on the website of your organization? Accidents happen, so … Continued

Four podcasts for a smart summer

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Summer is almost here! Are you dreaming of diving into the pool or having an ice-cold beer in the sun? Are you ready to relax on your Global Knowledge Lamzac? Rest assured – it’s almost summertime. Global Knowledge has listed … Continued