This is how SECO stands out in the security world

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Every month Global Knowledge puts one of their vendors in the vendor-spotlight. This month it’s SECO’s turn.

Security-certificates have always been aimed towards the American market. This presented a great opportunity for The Security & Continuity Institute (SECO) – three years ago, the vendor decided to fill up the gap for the European market. SECO became the first European vendor.

In this article we tell you what SECO can do for you, what sets the company apart from the rest and what security-knowledge the vendor can bring to your organization. Meet SECO in this edition of the Global Knowledge vendor spotlight.

What is SECO?

SECO stands for the Security & Continuity Institute. This body of knowledge originated three years ago from the Dutch Security Academy.

What does SECO do?

SECO can help you pass your cybersecurity, privacy and business continuity certifications. A SECO-certification does not only assure you of the standard benefits of a certification but it also proves you actually know how to use the gained knowledge. SECO’s certifications give you the right qualifications for a specific job or position.

‘All seven tracks offered by SECO are taught by experts who are active in the field’, Vincent Jentjens of SECO says. In daily life, for example, they are CISO or hold some other relevant position in the cybersecurity-field.

What makes SECO unique?

‘In general cybersecurity-vendors provide certificates very quickly. However, that only gives you the knowledge, you haven’t acquired the skills yet you need’, says Vincent. For this reason, SECO has developed their own course material in combination with expert research organizations. 

In addition to theoretical aspects, SECO dives into the real-world problems IT-security employees have to deal with. This approach makes SECO unique. ‘We have set up a fictional organization called Bicsma. Bicsma produces soft drinks. In a virtual reality, students solve the problems Bicsma encounters. For example, we simulate the organization is being hacked. The students have to solve this problem. Because of these tests, the student can apply the knowledge immediately.

Which SECO training courses does Global Knowledge offer?

You can have a look at the courses SECO has to offer in collaboration with Global Knowledge in the schedule below.

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