Why shouldn’t ask ‘What will this training course cost me’ but: ‘What will this training course bring me?’

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It’s something Business Developer Frank van de Laarschot sees often: organizations that only inform what a training course will cost them, instead of asking what they will gain from taking the training course.

Which department doesn’t complain about their ‘bad’ software, a CRM-system that never does what you want it to do or a security tool you won’t understand even after three webinars and hours and hours of watching YouTube video’s? Reading a manual or following a webinar isn’t always enough to gain the knowledge you need.

Even though we are aware of this, when an organization wants to book a training course, often they will only ask what a course will cost them, not what this extra knowledge can bring to their organization. This makes sense: you have to be pragmatic and not every training course will be as good it has as promised. But you can’t always find out what a training course will bring you straight away – sometimes the choice is made on guesses and intuition. And that’s difficult for managers who like to be down to earth.

Global Knowledge always recognizes certain traits that make it possible to acknowledge a training course was succesful. Frank van de Laarschot names them in this blog so you can change the way you’re thinking when you consider booking a training course. Instead of asking yourself: ‘what will this course cost me’, you can ask yourself: ‘what will I gain from this training course’.

You’ll save time and money when you use your applications properly

Software isn’t ‘bad’ essentially (it’s possible of course) – often it isn’t used properly. When you don’t know everything about an application of the platform you’re working on, results with the product won’t always be good.

And if you don’t know everything about the technology, you’re bound to make mistakes. Most people aren’t able to teach themselves so mistakes are bound to happen when they try and find the answer via Google. Fixes are expensive, they cost a lot of time and money. Costs you wouldn’t have to make if you decided to take a training course.

A well developed employee is a happy employee

After you’ve taken a training course, doing your job will be less difficult than it was before. And when it costs you less effort to do your job – you’ll have more time for other things. The big amount of work you had before will become less and less because you’ll work more efficiently. And don’t forget: you’ll have less stress – that makes for a happy human! Satisfied employees are loyal and they won’t leave the company any time soon either.

If you take an exam straight away – it’ll pay off!

If you know you have to take an exam when you start the training course, you’ll pay more attention. The attitude of the participants of the training course changes when they know they have an exam at the finish of the training course. They’ll make notes and ask more questions – that’s a signal they’re thinking about what they’ve learned in the course and it’ll gain the participant more knowledge in the long run. A certified employee can assure the customer he has the knowledge to get the job done.

New knowledge opens the door to new possibilities

A well developed employee does things that seemed impossible at first. More knowledge means more creativity and it makes it easier for you to handle unexpected situations. The possibilities are endless if you keep developing your skillset.

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