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Drive Stakeholder Value? High Velocity IT? What? It might be possible you think this doesn’t apply to you, but that isn’t true!

From my own experience I can tell you these definitions are very important in the future of the collaboration between the business and IT.

ITIL Transition Managing Professional

In August I had the pleasure of participating in the first ITIL Transition Managing Professional training course organized by Axelos in London.

During this five day course Drive Stake Holder Value and High Velocity IT came to pass. I’ve experienced it’s impossible to think about your stakeholders without these definitions, to co-create value.

IT is becoming more and more important

Thinking about the Customer Journey, Customer Experience, naming and optimizing a Value Stream and IT are become more and more important in the digital world. How can you as an IT-service provider help you customer become a digital organization?

A digital organization is a organization that stands out with their digital technology by delivering fast and flexible services. Spotify, Amazon and Netflix are examples of these kinds of organizations. But for your organization, digitalization is important too.

New certifications

In the new ITIL4 certifications participants can find more in depth knowledge after the Foundation exam in the following topics:

  • Create, Deliver and Support
  • Drive Stakeholder Value
  • High Velocity IT
  • Plan, Direct and Improve

Participants that have passed that have passed the four certifications mentioned above after passing the Foundation exam can call themselves ITIL Managing Professional. You can compare this with the current ITIL Expert qualification.

Are you an ITIL Expert? Or have you passed the ITIL v3 Intermediate certifications with at least 17 credits? Starting October 2019 you can take the five day Transition-training to become an ITIL Managing Professional. In this transition-training we pay attention to the Foundation introduction but also to the four new ITIL4 certifications.

In September I get the results of my Transition Managing Professional exam. I think I might be able to call myself the first Dutch ITIL Managing Professional.

Will I see you in one of our Transition training courses?

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