This is how you bridge the knowledge gap according to Global Knowledge director Benelux René Lap

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Global Knowledge has been selected most loved trainingpartner of the year 2019 in The Netherlands, according to IT-magazine CIO. ‘All our years of experience have led up to us being chosen as best knowledge partner’, director Benelux René Lap says.

René Lap, Global Knowledge director Benelux
Beeld: De Beeldredaktie/Christiaan Krouwels

What can your organization do to bridge the knowledge gap? IT-trainer Global Knowledge is marketleader in The Netherlands and ranks high in IDG’s (CIIO magazines publisher) research.

At least 70 percent of all IT-managers complains there is a knowledge gap in their team, Global Knowledge research points out. ‘The first step is seeing what is inside the knowledge gap’, René Lap, Global Knowledge director Benelux says. ‘By using assessments we define what the position of the customer at that moment is. Global Knowledge points out the priorities with the customer. We do this by defining crucial issues for the organization.’

The need for a suitable educator

Global Knowledge facilitates training courses to better the communication skills but also to increase specialist knowledge (about for example cybersecurity or cloud). ‘Because of our years and years of experience, we’ve become the best knowledge partner’, Lap says. The need for a suitable educator is huge – at least 96 percent of all IT-personnel would like to develop their knowledge and skills.

The next fase in the process of wanting to learn would be to describe the target groups and study preferences of the employees involved. Global Knowledge develops a training program after this step in which they also include other forms of training like online and blended live. ‘Lastly we evaluate the preformance indicators we decided on together beforehand. Then the whole process starts all over again – that’s just how continuous learning works’, Lap concludes.

Is there a knowledge gap in your organization?

Your organization is as successful as the people working there. Your staff might be working with the newest technology, but if they are lacking the knowledge or skills to do this correctly, something goes wrong. A knowledge gap will start to form.

Sounds familiar? Would you like to bridge the knowledge gap within your company? Download our free e-Book and find out what the knowledge gap is and how you can fill up the knowledge deficit in your organization.

This article was first published by CIO and translated into English by Global Knowledge.

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