Become security-smart and get your Certified Ethical Hacker Master certification

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Global Knowledge introduces the Certified Ethical Hacker Master certification this month. Certified Ethical Hacker training is a great opportunity to develop your PenTesting skills further. The Master certification shows you not only possess the ethical hacker skills but you can apply these skills as well.

What will we teach you during an Certified Ethical Hacker-training?

Recently our commercial team took a Certified Ethical Hacker training course.

During the training course from EC-Council we’ll teach you how to clone a website, for example Facebook. After making a copy of the existing website, you can invite your target via e-mail. For example: if the targeted person likes soccer (which you can find via social media), you can send him the link to a fun soccer-video on Facebook. And to make sure he’ll click the link you can mention the name of one of his friends in the e-mail.

The victim logs onto your fake website with his username and password and is sent to the actual Facebook afterwards, but you’ve got his credentials now.

Hackers unfourtunately have (great) tools they can apply. You can clone a website within minutes and you don’t even have to be a coder to do it – these tools work with easily accessible multiple choice menu’s.

What do you get from taking the Certified Ethical Hacker training course?

A Certified Ethical Hacker is hired by someone to find vulnerabilities within the organization. Often he’ll find more than 15 vulnerabilities in one application. The Ethical Hacker will report these vulnerabilities and will help support the security of the organization.

During our course the students sign a treaty saying they will only use their hacking-skills to do good.

How does one become a Certified Ethical Hacking Master?

1- Take the Certified Ethical Hacker training and take the exam (the voucher is included with the training). This training teaches you the mindset of a hacker and shows you the way they operate. This course is a must for IT-specialists that want to know more about cybersecurity and ofcourse it’s an excellent starting point for those that want to start working with penetration testing (PenTesting).

2- Take the Certified Ethical Hacker Practical exam. You can buy this exam at Global Knowledge and take it at home or at work. The Practical Exam consists of 20 challenges in which you can use your Ethical Hacking skills within a lab-environment.

3- As soon as you’ve passed both exams, you get the Master certification. This also goes for everyone who has passed their CEH certification in the past years and decides to take the Practical exam now.

How do develop myself as Ethical Hacker after this training?

Once you’ve passed the Certified Ethical Hacking training course you can work on your PenTesting skills even more during the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst course. During this training, that is an excellent step after the Certified Ethical Hacking training course, we’ll dive into ethical hacking even more by using labs en doing challenges. This training course takes five days.

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