How Salesforce transformed CRM

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Twenty years ago Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff announced ‘The End of Software’. After twenty years of enjoying Salesforce we wonder: what are the biggest achievements of Salesforce?

Benioff didn’t pick the greatest time to start his company: the Dot-com bubble would burst soon. He left his top position at software giant Oracle in 1999 and decided to launch Salesforce with just three developers from an apartment in San Francisco. He was ambitious: offering software via the internet was the future. The days of buying packaged software were over if it were up to Benioff. The End of Software, was near, as it seemed.

From 3 to 35000 employees

Within 20 years Salesforce grew from a company with 3 employees to a company with 35000 employees. Philips and Unilever are just two of the many companies working with Salesforce CRM today.

Salesforce is user-friendly, you can use their CRM on any device (and you don’t have to build anything for it yourself) and they are supported by all browsers.

What are the biggest achievements of Salesforce?

CRM became cloudbased

The goal of Salesforce is to only deliver cloudbased CRM. The founders of the company announced the end of software: the days of just buying packaged software were done. Benioff was ahead of his time: his competitors were still working with packaged software.

CRM became user-friendly

CRM was not a user friendly as it is now back in 1999. What Salesforce was going to offer had to be better than the systems of the competition: faster, pay-per-use and easy to integrate with existing systems.

Salesforce is testing the usability of their products on a weekly basis.

Salesforce is stepping into data visualization

This month Salesforce took over Tableau for 15,6 billion. Salesforce had already been investing in business intelligence solutions and data visualization but gained 85000 customers by taking over Tableau, according to Datanews.

Salesforce has a unique employee-culture

Salesforce invests in equal pay, education, rights and chances for everyone. It was on the Forture 100 Best Companies to Work for list multiple years in a row. Employees receive a monthly wellness reimbursement they can spend on whatever wellness means to them (massages, gym classes, yoga classes) they are transparent and they try and organize fun events for their employees.

They are good at doing good

Salesforce believes in the 1-1-1 philosophy. One percent of all time, money and products ends up with non-profity organizations for doing good. For example, certain organizations use Salesforce for free.

Salesforce offers innovative learning solutions

Want to learn something new about Salesforce? They offer Trailhead, where you can learn new skills for free. On this page you and your manager can set up a learning path (Trailmix) together.

Want to learn more?

Trailmix is a great start but do you want to know even more about Salesforce? Global Knowledge helps you gain the Salesforce-knowledge you need.

In our course catalogue you’ll find the Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX-201) for example. This course takes five days and is a must for new administrators. We also recommend this training course when you are going to implement Salesforce or start using an existing implementation for the first time.

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