Four podcasts for a smart summer

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Summer is almost here! Are you dreaming of diving into the pool or having an ice-cold beer in the sun? Are you ready to relax on your Global Knowledge Lamzac?

Rest assured – it’s almost summertime.

Global Knowledge has listed four podcasts about IT in this article, so you can have a relaxing, smart summer. While you’re relaxing you’re keeping up with the latest in your area of expertise and because we’ve selected podcasts about all kinds of different topics, there is something for everyone. What’s even greater is that you can listen to the podcasts with your Sony Noise Cancelling headphone.

If you’re thinking: ‘What headphone?’ we can help you out! If you book a training course at Global Knowledge now and you follow it during July or August, you get a Sony Noise Cancelling headphone, a Beats wireless headphone or a hundred dollar discount per training course day. After training you’ll work more efficiently so you can get home and relax much faster. And once you get there, you could listen to one of these podcasts!

1 Why’d you push that button – The Verge

What is it about?

Why’d you push that button is a podcast made by American techwebsite The Verge. The podcast is about all the choices we are forced to make because of new technology and how these choices influence our lives.

Quenstions like:  ‘Why do you write text messages the way you do?’, ‘Will you be happier once you delete your Instagram-account?’ and ‘what happens when a company ends the technical support for your robot?’ will be answered in the podcast. Why’d you push that button isn’t about the hardcorse IT stuff but does offer an interesting perspective on our relationship with technology.

Which episode does Global Knowledge recommend?

In the episode ‘Death Online: Mourning a robot’ the makers of Why’d you push that button present us the case of Robot Jibo. At the start of the year the robot announced his own ending after a software-update. The servers Jibo is running on were shutting down.

What effect does a choice like that have on the owners of the robot? How do you explain something like that to your granddaughter, who plays with the robot, for example? And what did you think about the man who has already bought an Aibo-robot replacement, but can’t open the box because he feels sorry for Jibo?

Where can I find this podcast?

You can listen to Why’d you push that button via Spotify or iTunes.

2 Reply All – Gimlet Media

What is it about?

Reply All is a podcast that is ‘all about the internet’. This topic is pretty broad – there is an episode about webpages you can’t seem to delete, an episode about the Momo-panic (read more about that here), the creators investigate the case of a hacked Uberaccount and they wander if Facebook is spying on you. So yes, it’s really ‘all about the internet’.

Which episode does Global Knowledge recommend?

#96 What Kind Of Idiot Gets Phished? One of the creators investigates in this episode who’s still falling for phishing-mails. Are these gullible noobs or are hardcore techies falling for them too?

Where can I find this podcast?

You can listen to Reply All on Spotify, their own website and Apple Podcasts.

3 Command Line Heroes – Red Hat

What is it about?

Command Line Heroes gives insight into the history of Open Source, Agile, DevOps and Red Hat. According to its’ description the show is about those who innovate technology from the command line up. The podcast is presented by developer Saron Yitbarek.

Which episode does Global Knowledge recommend?

To understand the outline of the podcast we just recommend you start at episode 1: at the start of the Open Source community. Saron Yitbarek is an excellent narrator and she speaks with people that were close to the developments at the time they were happening.

Where do I find this podcast?

You can listen to Command Line Heroes on Spotify, via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or via their own website. Want to know more about the newest version of Red Hat Linux Enterprise 8? Read more about it in this article.

4 This Week in Google – TwiT

What is it about?

In This Week in Google Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis and Stacey Higginbotham talk about the latest news on social media, Google and clodu computing. The podcast is published every Wednesday and is all about the latest tech-news.

Which episode does Global Knowledge recommend?

Because this episode is about current affairs it’s a good idea to start with the most recent episode. The podcast is not just about Google’s technology – the creators discuss a variety of topics from online espionage to the Samsung Galaxy fold. And with experts like Jeff Jarvis you’re always assured of an interesting podcast.

Where do I find this podcast?

This week in Google is available on Spotify, their own website, Google Play and Apple Podcasts. You’ll find the full list here.

Peaked your interest?

Global Knowledge challenges you to dive into knowledge first this summer, before taking a dip in the pool. We’ll turn this summer into one with knowledge ánd time to relax. If you book a training course at Global Knowledge now, you’ll receive a Noise Cancelling headphone (WH-1000XM3 Black), a Beats wireless headphone (Powerbeats 3 Wireless Black) ór a hundred euro discount per training course day.

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