You snooze, you lose – 7 arguments to convince your manager of the importance of IT-training

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More than 70 percent of management thinks there is a skills gap in their organization. But convincing your manager of the importance of a training course can be difficult at times.

Often there is all kinds of concern: there is no budget, we need you in the office, you can find what you need on Google and if you don’t know what you need to do your job accordingly, this might not be the job for you.

These claims can be very discouraging. You’ll probably think about giving up after hearing them. But that attitude doesn’t make a skills gap disappear.

However, there is hope: 40 percent of all management says a skills gap appears because of a lack of training. Global Knowledge can help you. We understand convincing management of the importance of training can be difficult and that’s why we offer you seven arguments you can use when discussing the possibilities of training with your manager.

1- The future of the organization is at stake

Employees that don’t develop themselves miss opportunities in the future. Missed opportunities harm the success of the organization. It’s very important to keep developing yourself for this reason.

2- Customers want people with knowledge that is up-to-date

If customers fall behind because of a lack of knowledge in your organization, you lose these customers. Customers want the people that work for them to have up-to-date knowledge, so they are certain they keep up on every front.

3- Your productivity increases

IT personel that took at training course at Global Knowledge saved 3.04 hours of work on average per week. The increase in productivity pays out the time you lost while being at a training course.

4- Education doesn’t have to take place in the classroom

If your manager worries about your absence you can comfort him: you don’t have to be in a classroom to get educated. Global Knowledge offers the possibility to follow a training course online, so you can get skilled anywhere you want. If something important happens while your following your training, you can pause it and then pick it up where you left off later.

5- You snooze, you lose

You can decide to not take an ITIL 4 training course and continue to work with ITIL 3, but the ones that snooze lose. Your competitors might decided to gain the knowledge. Convince your manager: if you don’t take that ITIL4 course but the competitor does, it’s clear who the client will choose.

6- Your work becomes more fun

A training course makes it easier to preform well at work. And preforming well usually equals enjoying your work.

7- You’ll also gain knowledge from the other attendees

During a training course you will not only learn from the instructor, but also from the other attendees. They’ll point out things to you, you wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Afterwards, you bring all that knowledge to the organization.

No matter what kind of training course you need, Global Knowledge has the right fit for you.

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