Becoming Microsoft Azure certified pays out!

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Een Microsoft Azure certificering halen loont!
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Almost 15 percent of all companies in the IT-sector is somehow involved with cloud-technology, research bureau Panteia found in their recent research into the habits of the IT-population.

Which platform should you pick if you’re not part of the 15 percent yet? Have you considered Microsoft Azure?

According to Gartner Microsoft Azure is market leader in the IaaS and PaaS industries. It makes sense: just think about the security, scalability, cost-efficiency and high availability of Microsoft Azure.

Stand out with Microsoft Azure!

Maybe your business decided to start using the cloud solutions Microsoft Azure has to offer. Or maybe you would like to learn more about Microsoft Azure yourself in preparation for a career switch.

It doesn’t matter for which reason you’re considering expanding your Microsoft Azure-knowledge, getting certified is always a good idea.

We’ll give four reasons why you should get Microsoft Azure certified

1. A certification makes you stand out from the crowd

Having a certification makes you stand out from the crowd! Not only does your name stand out on Acclaim and Linkedin, a certification is proof you have the knowledge to help your business as best you can.

2. It’ll be easier to adapt to change

With the knowledge you’ve gained at Global Knowledge it’ll be easier for you to adapt to change. And adapting to change is important when using Microsoft Azure. The cloud solutions of Microsoft Azure are constantly changing and innovating. People who’ve gotten certified will provide a solution quicker and more efficiently than people without a certification.

3. Getting certified (most of the time) means a pay rise

Once you’ve got your certification you’ve got a good starting point to start negotiations for a higher pay. By expanding your knowledge you strengthen your position in these negotiations.

4. You’ll gain even more from the technology

Your knowledge has expanded by following a training course and passing the certification exam that comes with it. Because of this – you can make the most out of your experience with Microsoft Azure. All of a sudden you’ll notice things you might have missed before.

Are you ready for the next step in Microsoft Azure?

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