The highlights of CSCS2019

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25th of March

The first day of the Cybersecurity Career Sessions 2019 (CSCS2019) has finally dawned on us. In the Planetarium in Amsterdam experts and the IT-crowd collaborate to make sure they secure themselves and their businesses the best way they possibly can.

5:00 Rise and shine! Global Knowledge is up and running for CSCS2019!

7:00 Hello? Can someone open the door please? Our team enters the Planetarium at seven sharp.

8:30 Global Knowledge’s managing director Benelux René Lap kicks off the conference. He advises the guests to visit all kinds of workshops: ‘Step out of your comfort zone, invest in your career’, is the key message of his talk.

9:00 Paula Januskiewicz from CQURE dives into technology with us. We’re instantly confronted with something we’ve been doing wrong in the first keynote: we’ve all got a massive gap in our infrastructure. People are shamefully shaking their heads: we’ve got plenty of work to do still.

10:00 Matthew Schouten from Chorus teaches us about social engineering. How can we best defend ourselves?

11:30 Prof. Yuri Bobbert shares his ‘7 habits of cybersecurity’ with us.

Lunch: The knowledge-exchange during lunch is just as important as the knowledge shared in the sessions. People from all kinds of backgrounds in the IT-industry meet and share best practices and ‘war’-stories. There is no time to rest and digest after lunch – we immediately move onto the workshops. We’ve got five planned so there is something for everyone.

26th of March

7:00 Our motto might be Sleep. Eat. Protect. Repeat., but we chase the sleep away with plenty of coffee. There is always tomorrow to rest.

8:30 Eward Driehuis from SecureLink tells us about the 20.000 cyberattacks in 2018. Which of these attacks got through our secured systems?

9:00 Paula from CQURE is back. Today we infiltrate in the mind of a hacker.

10.00 Martin Vliem, National Security Officer at Microsoft, secures us in the cloud. How do you design the cloud with security in mind? What’s the safest way to use a platform? How do you share this responsibility as a customer with your vendor?

11.00 Stuart Peck from ZeroDayLab expands our knowledge about Secure Coding: coding with security as the basis. This has plenty of advantages: there are less test cycles for example, so you can market your product quicker.

After lunch we pick up where we started with the workshops. Secure coding, ethical hacking, crisis management, reconnaissance and privacy – there is something for everyone.

17.00 We leave tired but satisfied after two days filled with knowledge. Can’t wait until next year, but until then: Sleep. Eat. Protect. Repeat!

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