The importance of continuous learning

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He who wants to be on top of things has to invest in his education. In Belgium 55 percent of the IT-crowd followed a traditional course last year, according to Data News. No less than 96 percent of all IT-personnel in The Netherlands would love to develop their knowledge, AG Connect finds in their recent research into the educational habits of the Dutch IT-crowd.

However, finding time to continue learning seems to be very challenging.

Training in your own time

AG Connect collaborated with MSI-ACI Europe to question 956 IT-workers about their educational habits. Most of these people studied during working hours, but 43 percent of the researched group had to follow a training in their own time.

The main reason for not enrolling into a training course seems to be a lack of time, even though 60 percent would still like to get certified.

Increase your knowledge

Recent research from datacompany IDC reflects the importance of educating yourself perfectly. The company researched more than 1 million job advertisements and used a survey to find out that the majority of all companies lost business to competitors because of a lack of knowledge. Because of this lack of knowledge, the company’s profit also decreases. Customers aren’t as satisfied with the results when their IT-teams aren’t developed to their full potential.

Continuous learning is key – but how do you convince management of the importance of getting skilled? Make sure to set your priorities straight as a company and take the time to educated yourself. ‘

Update your skills

Training is important because customers will hire companies with up-to-date skills and and knowledge. ‘You can help customers more efficiently after educating yourself’, Global Knowledge’s Bastiaan Preseun says. ‘Continuous learning makes work more enjoyable and the company will position itself better than their competitors.’

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