In the spotlight: CQURE Cybersecurity training

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Sometimes you get to say ‘I knew her when…’.

I met Paula Januskiewicz 12 years ago at a conference in Berlin. At the time, Paula was a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Her content was fantastic and her enthusiasm amazing; she was clearly on her way to great things. She specialized in cybersecurity, founded her company CQURE en recruited a band of charismatic specialists. A ‘few jobs later’ I met Paula again in my current role. Today, CQURE Consulting is a renowned provider of cybersecurity services, specializing in penetration testing, forensics, cybersecurity awareness programs etc.. They also build highly specialized cybersecurity courses.


Paula Januszkiewicz

CQURE’s courses are a treat for experienced cybersecurity / IT professionals! With a strong focus on hands-on workshops, learners will be using the labs and tools during 80% of their training days. Afterwards, students have hands-on knowledge and skills that they can leverage the minute they get back to work.


CQURE specializes in protecting IT resources, performing advanced penetration tests, forensics, controlled cybersecurity attacks, security awareness programs and IT Infrastructure protection. CQURE’s trainers share their real life experiences as part of each training course.


Curious? Check out CQURE’s portfolio


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