No more time for your cloud certification?

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A lot of people experience it; you follow a training with the very best intentions to do an exam soon after. But; a planned project in between, or just because of the issues of the day, it is not possible to quickly plan and prepare for the exam. That was never a problem. After all, Windows Server does not change so quickly that an exam would be different. However, with the cloud that is a whole different ballgame. Microsoft Azure is said to change every 36 hours; Services have changed, added or disappeared, and previously created scripts do not work anymore. Microsoft Azure training courses are adapted every two months to the new situation. The Azure exams follow! It is therefore important to plan your exam shortly after your training and thus maximize your chances of success.

Building skills to enable success

At Global Knowledge you always work with the latest material and after training course, you also have access to the most up-to-date digital course material directly from Microsoft. Plan ahead on time and book your Microsoft training course with an exam to get certified.

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