What can blockchain mean for your organization?

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What is BlockchainSince its introduction in the legendary paper of pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, blockchain is a technology that seems to take over the world at a rapid pace.

In the first instance, discovering blockchain was primarily something for companies in the financial sector, we now see the potential the technology has for all sectors. Think for example of the energy-, telecom- and pharmaceutical sectors.

It is realized that blockchain will have consequences for the future of business and that business strategies need to be adapted accordingly. What is blockchain, However, the concept of ‘blockchain’ is still somewhat elusive? Companies still find it difficult to determine the true value of blockchain for their business – and how to enter or embrace this technology.

Blockchain Training courses at Global Knowledge:

All of the training courses we offer will help organisations, there are various options available focusing on practical, theoretical or mixed integration inheriting or expanding existing environments. This ensures access from all angles to ‘The Blockchain’ in a coherent way. This is done with examples of ‘best use cases’, value propositions, technological aspects and implementation strategies. We dive into the various blockchain platforms. and cover a large number of facets of the blockchain, both from a business and technical perspective. Training makes the integration and development a perfect first step to getting accustomed to the possibilities, suitable for technical and business professionals. Participants with a technical background gain valuable business insights. The training also offers a unique opportunity to apply the general blockchain framework and the platform selection framework based on interesting use cases. By applying these frameworks, participants can objectively evaluate whether blockchain is the correct answer to a particular use case and check which platform fits best with this.

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