Why aren’t you using IoT yet?

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IoT (Internet of Things), many people have heard of it, see a future in it and now the first successful projects are reality. For example, there are the smart garbage bins at Schiphol airport, which ensure that it is known exactly which bin must be emptied at what moment. A project has been set up in Singapore for elderly people in order to provide faster medical assistance in emergencies. The houses are equipped with a smart alert system with sensors that compare activities with a person's regular activities and sends an alert to the responsible party when there are differences. This helps people to continue to live independently for a longer time. IoT also occurs more frequently in the agricultural sector, for example, through the use of smart agribots, tractors and drones.

Why do we still make so little use of IoT?

Sensors continue to become cheaper, internet in the western world is readily available and we continue to have more data for which we can always come up with more applications. You would therefore think that Internet of Things turns the world upside down. The possibilities are enormous, but why has the potential not yet been achieved? Many organizations are now looking at smart gadgets, but still experience difficulties with the applications. Not so much because of the IoT application itself, but mainly due to the enormous data flows that are involved and the security of the data. After all, the data is what adds value to your IoT solution and you want to handle it carefully.

Is there an easier way?

The complex data flows that are generated ensure that there will always be more data scientists who will be asked to work on them. But there are also solutions that can help you to simplify your IoT project. For example, Microsoft has the Azure IoT hub. This service takes over the responsibility for issues such as secured connections, operation and update routines. The intention of this service is that organizations can focus more on the development of new business opportunities and pay less attention to the management of the underlying technology. It therefore makes the management and security of (large quantities of) IoT devices easier. So if you are already thinking about IoT, but you do not have the manpower or the technical knowledge to start it up, then that is certainly something to look into.

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