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There is a new phenomenon that is slowly but surely coming to the regular education system. It is known under the term, “flipping the classroom”. The idea of a flipped classroom is that you yourself do the actual studying and consumption of information via online instruction videos. The processing of the knowledge, which must normally be done in the form of homework or in practice, is done in the classroom.

The flipped classroom combines the advantages of classroom training with the advantages of self-study training. As a result, you learn in a more efficient manner that is based on the simplified BLOOM learning taxonomy model.

Learning model, based on Bloom's taxonomy

Acquiring knowledge about things is the basic level of learning. It is about information that is provided in different ways. As a student, you do nothing with this information. It is just absorbed and placed in a relevant context.
As soon as a student reaches the skill level, he is capable of using the information learned in example situations and providing correct answers in exercises. We often talk about hands-on skills in IT training courses.

The highest level of the model regards what students can do with the lessons learned. Knowledge and skills must be used in order to find new solutions in new situations. That is the innovation level. Much of this regards the experience that people have after having working  in the field for a long time. Employers and professionals are always searching for the most efficient training solution where they can reach the highest level of skills. Our new way of learning offers the opportunity to attain the most from a student's educational experience.

Global Knowledge New Learning

In order to help students learn as efficiently as possible, we introduce Global Knowledge New Learning! Global Knowledge New Learning brings participants to the highest level of skills with something other than just a combined training solution. By working together in the workshop, you can learn and experience things that you normally only learn and experience in the daily practice after having completed a course.
The Global Knowledge New Learning training course consists of the following components:

  • Kick-off
  • Microsoft On Demand training
  • Coaching via yammer, telephone, chat and email
  • Cooperation opportunities
  • Two-day workshop

There is an optional one-day exam training course in order to prepare for an exam for which the training course can be the preparation.


The training kick-off consists of an introduction day where participants become acquainted with the content and the flow of the course. It is explained which activities are expected of the participant and when and which resources will be offered during the course. The kick-off is just one half day. The other half is used in order to begin the Microsoft On Demand training and to become acquainted with the supporting tools.

Microsoft On Demand training

An important element of the training is the Microsoft On Demand (MOD) course material. This material can be accessed 24/7 for 90 days via the Global Knowledge Learning Platform. A MOD training is consistent and based on the traditional classroom training. It consists of High Quality videos with a teacher. Each module has knowledge questions in order to check whether the content has been understood. The MOD training course must be completed within three weeks in order to be ready for the closing workshop that requires the acquired knowledge and skills. The MOD has approximately 20 hours of video content. Together with the hands-on exercises, the MOD training course takes approximately 35 hours to complete.


Questions regarding course content can be asked via the chat module in the Global Knowledge Digital Learning Platform. In addition, coaches help to reach the milestones established in advance. They also ensure that the training flow is followed and that progress is made. They help participants to prepare for the two-day workshop.


As soon as the training course begins, ideas and bottlenecks are shared in the cooperation platform. This platform ensures that the proper knowledge and skills are constructed in order participate in the workshops in the last phase of the course. Consider it as the “water cooler talk” that can occur in a normal office situation with colleagues or fellow course participants. It sounds unimportant, but it is all about the sharing of ideas and experiences!

Two-day workshop

The high return from this training course is achieved by doing the two-day workshop at the end of the four-week training period. Implement and innovate using the skills acquired during the self-study. Small groups work toward a solution to cases made by experienced teachers. A plan for implementation is established and this plan is presented to the rest of the participants. Then, when possible problems are handled, everyone does his/her part of the job in order to make it a success. The teacher is always available during the workshop in order to support everyone in their specific tasks. When each group has completed their case, there is an evaluation and the “lessons learned” are reviewed.

The first course that can be followed in GKNL format is the Office 365 course M20347-B, Enabling & Managing Office 365 New Learning.



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