Will I Lose my Job?

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Many System Administrators and System Managers ask themselves this question when large vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, and others announce that their cloud solutions lead to ever greater savings. After all, a large part of system management is taken over by the cloud provider in the cloud.

Many managers have studied the virtualization of applications, work stations and servers over the past few years. At Global Knowledge, we see many people attend courses for VMware, Citrix and Microsoft to learn more about these technologies, and obtain certification by taking an exam or exams. These skills are highly valued in the marketplace, because virtualization can help significantly reduce costs. Virtualized deployment of work stations, applications and servers are faster and more efficient.

A few years ago, it did not seem likely that the switch to virtualization taking place in the past few years would so quickly result in the outsourcing of these applications, work stations and servers with an IAAS, PAAS or SAAS model. Suddenly the cloud was everywhere, and now it is an integral part of business models. Almost all businesses are thinking about cloud strategies or have already implemented one. This has not resulted in the loss of jobs, because many managers work on the realization of a cloud strategy, as well as implementing the actual transition.

These managers have made great investments in acquiring new knowledge and skills related to the cloud. They responded to the demand of knowledge needed for organizations to work with the cloud. This means they are able to support and develop cloud solutions in private, public and hybrid form. This also means their jobs are safe. Organizations will continue to look for the best possible solutions to achieve their particular business goals, which means they need the right people for the job.

It is clear that the roles for traditional system manager, network manager and generic IT staff are changing. But they will not disappear. Without a doubt, there are those who have invested insufficiently in the necessary knowledge and skills to continue to play a meaningful role in this fast-changing environment, though they also have enough time to acquire these new cloud-based knowledge and skills. Perhaps they will discover hitherto unknown talents in the area of data, security and software development.



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