A Few Cents Saved my Amazon Web Service Custormer a Lot of Money!

Last week I spoke with a customer who was interested in cloud solutions offered by AWS. He told me that he had set up a free account on the AWS website in his evening hours, and had linked a small amount to it with his credit card. He started experimenting in the AWS cloud by turning various options on and off. Satisfied with his first steps in the AWS world, he logged out of his AWS account at the end of the evening.

Money Charged by AWS

The next morning, when he logged into his AWS account again, he noticed immediately that a small amount had been charged to his credit card. Without knowing it, he had clicked on an option that had cost him money during the night. Luckily the damage was minor, just a few cents, but for him this was an excellent warning that he should first get to know the options and features of AWS before he and his business start working with AWS professionally. This customer was sensible enough to get in touch with us for an Amazon Web Services introduction course. The moral of the story is: this customer avoided making unnecessary costs in the cloud
for his company by taking an AWS course before the damage was done.

After discussing the options with the customer, he decided to take both the AWS introduction course “AWS Technical Essentials” as well as follow-up course “Architecting on AWS”.

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