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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes has outgrown the hype and is a known term in the IT-world. Strangely enough this technology is still unfamiliar to many amongst the IT-crowd. Which demands the question: what is Kubernetes, exactly?... READ MORE

Agile for dummies

What’s the difference between Scrum and Agile? What’s lean? And what is that Spotify-model, exactly? The former are examples of questions we get at the start of our training course. In this article... READ MORE

The highlights of CSCS2019

25th of March The first day of the Cybersecurity Career Sessions 2019 (CSCS2019) has finally dawned on us. In the Planetarium in Amsterdam experts and the IT-crowd collaborate to make sure they secure... READ MORE

The art of SCRUMmunication

A significant number of IT-projects fails to have the desired effect. Do we blame this on the work ethic of our employees? Trainers often find out that communication is the cause of failing... READ MORE